Howdy and Hello.

I’m Jennifer, a mom of three – a mother of four (husband –  just a big child), homemaker & now an entrepreneur.

Approximately fifteen years ago I met a man in a dark, dingy restaurant at a gosh awful hour of the evening. I won’t bore you with those details, but I will say my now husband (yes that man) introduced me to a craft he enjoyed doing but wasn’t very good at – Glass Etching.

Instantly I had found a passion for this craft and started exploring and coming up with new ideas and better methods of getting these works of art to look amazing. I spent the next 14 years making wonderful gifts for all my amazing friends, from wedding gifts to Christmas gifts, to just gifts that say “Hey, I’m thinking about you!”.

Now I feel my passion calling me. However, I have hundreds of ideas and new technologies that let me be even more creative. I’ve etched everything I own and everything my husband owns, it’s time to make my passion for glass etching and crafting into a domain of high-quality one of a kind gifts at a reasonable price, hence the birth of Scratched-It.

I want to be your go to when you need that special gift, something different, that unique one of a kind that only personalization can be – the smiles I’ve seen have told me I need to do this.

Next time you need THAT GIFT, I hope you let me have the opportunity to shine. I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to make my talent come through as though I Scratched-It myself.

Why scratched it?

Scratched-It – never a good thing when I say those words:

• I Scratched-It, like the time I scratched my husbands truck.
• I Scratched-It, like the time my optometrist told me about my cornea.
• I Scratched-It, like the time I scratched my favourite CD on a 2-week road trip.

Nothing good ever comes from those little words “because I Scratched-It” – until now!